Prices 1/16/17

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Prices 1/16/17

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:21 pm

Razor Whip - 15t
Wizzy Platebody - 2t
Wizzy Platelegs - 1t
Wizzy Helm - 500b

Royal Sicle - 3b
Death Pernix Platebody - 5t
Death Pernix Platelegs - 3t

American Torva Helm - 5t
American Torva platelegs - 4t
American Torva platebody - 5t
American Torva Whip- 5t

Gold Chain - 7t

American Pernix Platebody - 4t
American Pernix Platelegs - 8t

Epic Cape - 25t

Fallen Blue death cape - 15t

Devil Dragonbone helm - 2t
Devil Dragonbone platelegs - 1t
Devil Dragonbone platebody - 5t

Blue Dragonbone Helm - 3t
Blue Dragonbone platebody - 4t
Blue Dragonebone platelegs - 3t

Torva platebody - 1b
Torva Helm -3b
Torva Platelegs -5b

Mystery Box - 10b
Super Mystery Box - 4t
Ice Katana - 3t

Shadow Peices 30T -- This is any peice


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